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Our Coffee

We work with the farmers, according to the harvest calendar to ensure our coffee is always in-season and showcases the best flavour and aroma that each region has to offer. Each single origin is roasted specifically to bring out its special characteristics by our expert roasters.

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Ethiopian – Guji

A bright cup with a cleaner taste. Berries and summer fruit flavours with surprising tannins and refreshing feel. Guji has an incredibly vibrant and unique flavour. These beans must be tasted to be believed .

Guji has extremely clear fruity and tannin flavours. Often compared to a fine wine this bean is what our roasting team calls “The best coffee ever”.
“6 years ago, at the Taste of the Harvest I had the incredible opportunity to have the bean which placed first and second in the competition, I tasted it and…wow…it was unbelievable…it blew my mind…in that moment I knew what I wanted to do with my life.” – Our Master Roaster

Ethiopian – Yirgacheffe

Bright with a shining and clean tasting intensity on the palate. Citrusy and floral flavours with complex aromatic qualities.

Ethiopian beans’ flavours and acidities are amazing for all brewing methods. No matter how you make your coffee, you’ll taste the improvement. Yirgacheffe is one of the most popular varieties of coffee across Australia today


El Salvador – Finca El Guachote

A classically balanced acidity with complex, accented aromas . This bean has a thick honey-like sweetness and a fruity, complex flavour
This bean was chosen especially by our roasting team after a tour of the El Salvador farms as the clear stand out of the entire experience. “I first tasted El Salvador when we did this blind tasting. We had 6 micro-lots, but it was Lot no. 2, I’ll never forget, it was outstanding, you couldn’t even compare it to the other five. It was slightly winey and sweet, like a sparkling wine in your mouth. You just wanted to keep tasting the flavour.” – Our Master Roaster

Brasilian – Andre Sanchez Estate

Great Mellow body and very well balanced acidity. Hazelnut and Chocolate flavours, with a dry, zingy aroma.Why
An authentically nutty and chocolately flavour. This bean is for those who want a smoother and more mellow flavour with all of the complexity and quality of a Micro-lot. The Andre Sanches Estate works well either black or over milk.

Colombia – Finca El Espejo

A sweet and mellow range of notes, it has a complex aroma with herby and natural tones which linger on the aftertaste. A well balanced acidity with earthy flavours of dried peaches.
This Microlot is grown and harvested exclusively for Charlie Lovett and represents a close collaboration between our roasting team and the farmers to ensure that every step of the process is guaranteed to provide you with the best Colombian beans possible. If you like a mellow coffee, this is one of the best.

Guatemala Finca San Antonio

This bean has strong, creamy tones of dark chocolate and malt, with herbal and tannin aromas on the aftertaste. Biscuity, chocolate notes strike you first, with orange and tannin shortly after.
This bean is suitable for both espresso and milk base. This bean is perfect for a customer that really wants a strong coffee, without being overpowering, or losing the subtlety of a real microlot.