Franchise Charlie

Franchise Charlie

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“We believe in keeping it real in everything we do”

This is the Charlie Lovett philosophy and that guides us as we pour our hard work and dedication into the brand for every franchisee and employee to benefit from.

In a hyper connected, digital world, where the pressures of life are impossible to escape people increasingly need a place where they can reconnect to them selves, others and what’s really important – friends, family, community and environment.

The fact is, people need Charlie Lovett more than ever and we need your help to spread the love of Charlie across Australia.

Real Coffee

We are passionate about coffee, the best beans, the best taste, served by the best baristas in the business.

We consider ourselves the experts, passionate bean seekers, roasters and perfectors, we want to share the exceptional taste of our coffee and our knowledge with fellow bean lovers.

Sourcing green beans direct from the suppliers and roast on site all of our own blends and single origins.

We love an exclusive, and wherever we can we source exceptionally tasting, rare beans, from sustainable planation’s and make them available only in our stores.

Real Food

Food that’s fresh and natural, made with your health in mind and flavours that will blow your mind. Unprocessed, without artificial additives or preservatives. House baked pastries, tarts and desserts because we love balance.

A menu that’s designed to transcend any time of day and caters to a wide range of tastes and dietary requirements.



Charlie’s Farm

Fresh seasonal fruits direct from our very own farm bring the flavour of our Southern Highlands orchards directly to your customers – untouched by anyone other than Charlie.

Farm gate to food plate is the philosophy for all Charlie’s Own jams and chutneys and is the start of realising our vision for a sustainable future.





Real Friends

We consider ourselves part of a community of friends – some we know and some we haven’t met yet.

Every employee is hired for their natural abilities and trained to deliver exceptional customer service in their own unique way.

Our staff are socially intelligent and aware of their customers and the communities they operate in – our goal in every store is to deliver the sense of coming home, of being at ease in our environment and amongst people who care for us with our coffee, our food, our ambiance, our service and our every interaction.


Real Life

We are aware of the world around us from the customers we serve, the communities we reside in and the environment in which we live and work; we are always seeking ways to improve and do things better.

Our vision is to reconnect people with the importance of home grown and home made. Our goal is to share our knowledge to inspire others to create and make for themselves.


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We’re all about creating opportunities, so contact us for a more in depth conversation and what current opportunities would be the right fit for you.

After completing and returning the expression of interest form, we’ll then arrange a meeting in person to discuss the opportunity in more detail and answer further questions you may have about the business.

Current Opportunities

Here at Charlie Lovett we’re all about opportunities for growth, if you think of a location that’s needs a Charlie Lovett – give us a call +61 (2) 9146 4930.